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RMI Kit with Tote


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Myobility Bar

32″ and made from a high-quality blend of materials, including the center infinity roller and rubber ball grips that are comfortable to hold and excellent for getting into those hard-to-reach areas.

The Bar is used for the following.

  • Releasing fascia
  • Active stretching
  • Total body activation and core exercises
  • Leverage when stretching
  • Provides stability, increases body awareness
  • Improves circulation, mobility, and flexibility
  • Helps to reduce aches, pains and stiffness
  • Decompresses the neck and low back pain
  • Rehydrates connective tissue


Myobility Balls

5″ firm ball ideal for targeting large muscles through deep tissue massage, made from durable Eva foam, and its distinct texture is excellent for increasing circulation and improving mobility.

2.3″ soft massage ball is ideal for mobilizing tissue in hard-to-reach and sensitive areas. Made from high-quality soft yet firm rubber
Used for myofascial release, reducing tension, increasing mobility and recovery while helping decrease aches and pains.

Multifunctional Band

A durable resistance band made from a natural latex material. It is strong, wear resistant, and can withstand extreme tensile force. Used for stretching, resistance, and corrective movement exercises and core strength and stability exercises.

Myobility Tote Bag

32” long and made of high-density nylon. Great for carrying Myobility tools and a yoga mat.
Self-treatments can be done anywhere – home, work, or travel.

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