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We supply Myofascial Release and Fitness products that are used for therapy and exercise.

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What Our Customers Say

Over last summer I bruised and ruptured my trapezius muscle in my shoulder playing basketball. After I came home from the doctor they gave me a sling to hold my arm in since I was unable to move it. Once my shoulder was able to function it felt incredibly sore and weak. I went to Barclay to and he showed me all the diverse movements I could to with his mobility stick.

Nicholas Harle

Student Athlete / High School Varsity Basketball

The myobility stick is a tremendous tool in staying healthy. Versatile, efficient and practical, the stick improves shoulder functionality. As a baseball pitcher, the stick helped in longevity. Remember, the best ability is availability!

Sam Reinertson

D1 College Baseball Pitcher

The Myobility Ball is my essential tool for pre-run preparation. The weight and grip make for precise targeting of tight muscles. Daily use allows me to keep my 50yr old legs limber and fresh, even through challenging workouts. I never leave home without it!

BJ Seigel

Architect / Distance Runner

I had a rotator cuff injury for over a month when I started using the Myobility Bar. The very first time I used it, I could tell that it was correcting some muscular imbalances I had for a long time. After using it for a few weeks, along with corrective exercises, I'm back to pressing my max again. Now I use it regularly so I can perform my best everyday. So grateful to have this in my gym bag!

Sarah Zuhlsdorf

Athlete / Bodybuilder

I used the Myobility stick to help me through a shoulder injury. I was feeling pain that was prohibiting me from lifting weight overhead. The stick was the perfect tool to help me get into the muscle group and work out the knots. I used it daily and within a week was doing military presses again without any pain or discomfort.

Carlo Fiatarone


I had a hamstring/knee injury I had been dealing with for a while. Been icing, foam rolling, and doing vibration therapy. Physical therapy sessions haven't been able to pinpoint the knee issue. Well, after the Myobility Training I don't feel anything in my knee or hamstring, like I actually think I may have worked whatever was going on, out! So excited to use the tools to keep up with my healing. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Danny Vino

Investment Banker

I can’t wait to share MYOBILITY with my classes. After todays Training and spending time using all of the tools my shoulder pain is gone. Feel like a new man.

Jon Dell

Group Fitness Instructor

Using the Myobility Bar has been life chaging. I use it every day to keep my back pain at bay. My class and I call it the magic wand. Thank you for sharing your products and programs with us.

Raquel Miller

Life Coach & Group Fitness Instructor

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