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Our mission is to empower you with tools to release unwanted stress and move more. Having a daily practice of movement and self-care will offer improvements both physically and mentally. And our goal at MYOBILITY® is to help you feel amazing so you can live your best life!

The Myobility Method is the culmination of our years of experience. It is what we have come to know and continue to create as a service to those that need to improve their movement capabilities and manage the effects of accumulated stress in the body that can lead to chronic pain and injury.

MYOBILITY® is an easy-to-follow self-care system that anyone can customize to fit their daily needs. It increases movement perception and body awareness while addressing many aspects of health and wellness in the areas we are most passionate about. These areas include Myofascial Release & Stretching, Corrective Exercise, Athletic Training, Dynamic Movement, Breathwork, Mobility, and Mindset.

Our purpose is to show others that improving movement and relieving chronic pain is within the reach of everyone.

We’re excited to share the Myobility® tools with the world and look forward to being a part of your health and wellness journey.

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Barclay started his mission in the fitness community as a 5-year-old. His two older brothers and father initially helped mold him but over time he realized that strength and conditioning had chosen him as its ambassador. Since his initial high school achievements, Barclay has done amazing things. After personal training & coaching for decades in the private sector, he eventually caught a break in 2010 that landed him a job as the head of strength and conditions at The Branson School in Ross, California. Barclay currently holds the role of Director of Strength and Conditioning at the Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco.



Health & Wellness Coach

Michelle began her career as a dancer and became a professional dancer at a young age. She has always been drawn to movement and loves helping others find ways to live as their best selves. She is the Bayarea Group Fitness Regional Director and Master Trainer at CRUNCH and POUND. Michelle is most commonly known for the variety of classes she teaches and travels the world presenting at workshops and conventions. Her areas of expertise include Fascia, Breathwork, and Mindset. She lives to inspire and hopes to do this for all who cross her path.

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