Myobility Method


This complete Fascial Fitness System will help you reduce pain & tension, recover faster, move and feel better.

Myobility Method

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This complete Fascial Fitness System will help you reduce pain & tension, recover faster, move and feel better.

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We supply Myofascial Release and Fitness products that are used for therapy and exercise.





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We Offer High Quality Myofascial Release Products and Programs

The Myobility Method is about helping others improve their movement capabilities and manage the effects of accumulated stress in the body that can lead to chronic pain and injury. It is an easy to follow self-care program that one can customize to fit their daily needs. Their mission is to help others have a better quality of life by empowering them with tools to release unwanted stress and move more.

Myobility is the culmination of Barclay and Michelle’s years of experience. It is what these gifted movement specialists have come to know and continue to create as a service to those that need to improve movement patterns and create a pain-free life for themselves and those around them.

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What Our Customers Say

Over last summer I bruised and ruptured my trapezius muscle in my shoulder playing basketball. After I came home from the doctor they gave me a sling to hold my arm in since I was unable to move it. Once my shoulder was able to function it felt incredibly sore and weak. I went to Barclay to and he showed me all the diverse movements I could to with his mobility stick.

Nicholas Harle

Student Athlete / High School Varsity Basketball

The myobility stick is a tremendous tool in staying healthy. Versatile, efficient and practical, the stick improves shoulder functionality. As a baseball pitcher, the stick helped in longevity. Remember, the best ability is availability!

Sam Reinertson

D1 College Baseball Pitcher

The Myobility Ball is my essential tool for pre-run preparation. The weight and grip make for precise targeting of tight muscles. Daily use allows me to keep my 50yr old legs limber and fresh, even through challenging workouts. I never leave home without it!

BJ Seigel

Architect / Distance Runner

I had a rotator cuff injury for over a month when I started using the Myobility Bar. The very first time I used it, I could tell that it was correcting some muscular imbalances I had for a long time. After using it for a few weeks, along with corrective exercises, I'm back to pressing my max again. Now I use it regularly so I can perform my best everyday. So grateful to have this in my gym bag!

Sarah Zuhlsdorf

Athlete / Bodybuilder

I used the Myobility stick to help me through a shoulder injury. I was feeling pain that was prohibiting me from lifting weight overhead. The stick was the perfect tool to help me get into the muscle group and work out the knots. I used it daily and within a week was doing military presses again without any pain or discomfort.

Carlo Fiatarone


I had a hamstring/knee injury I had been dealing with for a while. Been icing, foam rolling, and doing vibration therapy. Physical therapy sessions haven't been able to pinpoint the knee issue. Well, after the Myobility Training I don't feel anything in my knee or hamstring, like I actually think I may have worked whatever was going on, out! So excited to use the tools to keep up with my healing. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Danny Vino

Investment Banker

I can’t wait to share MYOBILITY with my classes. After today's Training and spending time using all of the tools my shoulder pain is gone. Feel like a new man.

Jon Dell

Group Fitness Instructor

Using the Myobility Bar has been life chaging. I use it every day to keep my back pain at bay. My class and I call it the magic wand. Thank you for sharing your products and programs with us.

Raquel Miller

Life Coach & Group Fitness Instructor


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